All these must-have PlayStation accessories cost less than $25 on Prime Day

by Jeremy

Prime Day has deals on almost anything you can imagine, including some of the best PS4 and best ps5 accessories. Are you looking for chat pads? Charging stations? Maybe thumbstick replacements? You’re sure to find something to fit your needs on a budget. They may not be well-known brand-name accessories, but they can also do the job.

We’ve rounded up some of the best deals for under $25. Should you be looking to spend a little more money, we also have suggestions for other PS5 accessory deals you may be interested in.All these must-have PlayStation accessories cost less than $25 on Prime Day

Eumspo DualSense Charging Station | $8 off at Amazon

Don’t want to spend $30 on Sony’s official charging station, but do you like the design? You can get Eumspo’s model. It looks almost the same and features convenient LED indicators on the front, so you know which controller is charged. Just plug it in through USB; your controller should be charged up in 2 hours.

$23 at Amazon

PS4 Cooling Stand | $5 off at Amazon

There’s no denying it; the PS4 can get hot. It’s a joke that its fan can sound like a jet engine taking off, so many people have taken to purchasing cooling stations. This one also doubles as a DualShock charging station and has slots to store up to 12 physical games.

$22 at Amazon

Bangor G9000 Gaming Headset | $30 off at Amazon

This headset has four and a half stars out of nearly 70,000 ratings on Amazon, and it’s compatible with various platforms. If it’s not a brand people don’t immediately know, like Razer or Astro, some people don’t trust it, and that’s fair. But to save money, you’ll look outside your comfort zone.

$20 at Amazon

Beboncool DualShock Charging Station | $4 off at Amazon

If you don’t already have a PS5, you’ll probably want to consider a DualShock charging station for your PS4. Those controllers have notoriously short battery lives, and this charging dock can charge up to two at once, with easy-to-read LED indicators. Fully charge your DualShock controllers in at little as two hours.

$11 at Amazon

DualShock 4 Chatpad | $5 off at Amazon

As gaming becomes more social, we need more accessible ways to communicate with friends. Voice chat isn’t always an option, and that’s when you’ll want a decent chatpad to attach a miniature keyboard to your controller. It also helps when browsing the PlayStation Store or media sections because the built-in digital keyboard can be challenging to use with a controller.

$22 at Amazon

PS4 & PS5 Controller Thumbsticks | $7 off at Amazon

Not a fan of the thumbsticks on your controller? You can get thumbstick grips or replace them entirely (at your own risk). These thumbsticks are built for improved grip and comfort with non-slip rubber, and their concave design is meant to reduce fatigue.

$15 at Amazon

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