Best bands for Fitbit Ace 3 in 2021

by Jeremy

The Fitbit Ace 3 is the brand’s latest activity and sleep tracker for kids. But already, there are plenty of other swappable bands you can get for the device beyond the standard blue/Rastro green and black/sport red band it comes with. As the best fitness tracker for kids, the Fitbit Ace 3 certainly does everything you’d want an activity and sleep tracker to do without any extra distractions. But with the best bands for Fitbit Ace 3, you can ensure it fits your child’s style, too.Best bands for Fitbit Ace 3

They’re not despicable:
Fitbit MinionsStaff Pick

In addition to the special edition Minions-themed version of the Fitbit Ace 3 with a Minions-themed band and animated clock faces, Fitbit launched a special edition Minions-themed replacement band for the activity tracker. Designed with the adorable critters from the Despicable Me movies in mind, they come in “mischief black” or “despicable blue” with a distinctive Minions design etched on the silicone band. It’s a subtle design, but it’ll be an upgrade for kids who love the movies and characters.

$7 at Amazon

Like the original:
TopPerfekt Bands

A pretty decent replica of the original band that the kids’ tracker comes with, these soft silicone waterproof sport straps come in 10 different colors, so chances are you’ll be able to find the child’s favorite. Parents with wee ones who love to gnaw on things will also appreciate that they’re made of 100% BPA-free food-grade TPE. Some kids might find the silicone buckle more comfortable than the original plastic.

$7 at Amazon

The full rainbow:
Rentech Silicone Replacement Bands – 5-pack

Kids love to show off their personalities, and why to limit them to just one replacement band when they could have five? This set of water-resistant silicone bands includes five bright colors (there’s another option with less flashy hues if preferred) that kids can swap out to match their outfit, mood, or even activity. Strap on the bright yellow one for a weekend fam jam (an excellent way for parents to spot their kids from afar, too!), then switches to softer purple during the week.

From $11 at Amazon

Beauty in all black:
EEweca Band

For kids who frown upon bright and shiny colors and might be more inclined to wear their activity tracker if it’s not such a statement piece on their wrist, this band comes in all black, a contrast to the black Fitbit-branded band that has touches of red on the strap. This one will fit the bill for picky kids who aren’t into the two-tone color trend.

From $7 at Amazon

Funky colors:
FitTurn Bands – 3-pack

Contrary to the newest bands, some kids want to draw attention to the new gadget on their wrist. The three colors in this set will turn heads and garner compliments for these extroverted little ones. But why not show off the excellent device with pride? Available in lake blue, yellow, or lime, there are other less neon-esque color options of these soft silicone bands from which to choose.

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