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by Jeremy

Everyone loves to play games as it allows you to immerse yourself in another world, just like reading a good book. But to play those games, you’ll need a console, and almost as importantly, you’ll need one of the best gaming TVs to get the whole experience. There are many factors to consider, depending on what you’re using for games and what you want to do with the TV when it’s time to step away from the controller. Here are our top picks for the best gaming TVs with budget, resolution, and size in mind.Gaming

The best Gaming TVs at a glance

  1. LG CX OLEDThe best gaming TV overall is the best for everyone.
  2. Hisense H9 QuantumThe best gaming TV on a budget: Save a few bucks and get a great TV.
  3. Samsung QN800AThe best 8K gaming TV: Live in the future with the Samsung QN800A.
  4. TCL SS535The cheapest gaming TV: Play your games and get some smarts with this TV.
  5. Samsung Neo QN85AThe best 4K Samsung gaming TV: Samsung’s best 4K OLED TV gets even better.
  6. Sony X900HThe best gaming TV from Sony: Pair your PS5 with a great TV from Sony.

What are the best Gaming TVs?

If you’re going for the one-size-fits-all approach, and want the best gaming TV regardless of whether you’re using a PC, Xbox, or PS5, then you’ll want to check out the LG CX OLED. This is our favorite option for those looking for the best TV for PS5 or the best 4K TV for Xbox Series X or Series S. It supports features like playing games at 4K resolution and 120fps and having a low response time. Plus, since it uses an OLED panel, it is one of the best 4K TVs, even if you don’t care about gaming.

The problem with some of the best gaming TVs is that they cost an arm and a leg, which is just not conducive for everyone. We love the Hisense H9G Quantum as the best budget gaming TV, with a starting price under $800 and many great gaming features. You’ll still get an excellent 4K picture while gaming and the TV include native support for a 120Hz refresh rate. But the H9G Quantum also has far-field voice controls, allowing you to use Google Assistant to turn on a movie without reaching for a remote.

Those looking to pair the best gaming TV with the best gaming vessel or those who want to ensure they are “future-proofed” will fall in love with the Samsung QN800A. This TV offers 8K resolution, AI Upscaling, and built-in hands-free Amazon Alexa, or you can press the microphone button on the included remote. Samsung’s latest 8K TV is an attractive option and sports ultra-thin bezels and an even thinner design, making it seem like it’s not possible to pack this much tech into such a thin television.

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