Best magnetic charger for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 in 2021

by Jeremy

Gamers who play their Oculus Quest daily hate getting interrupted by a dying battery and should invest in one of the best Oculus Quest magnetic chargers. These VR headsets may provide a completely untethered experience, but our Oculus Quest 2 review noted that it has meager battery life. Meaning after two to three hours, you’ll have to sit carefully next to the power adapter to keep playing. With a USB-C magnetic charger or adapter, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your headset won’t get yanked to the ground if you accidentally pull on the cable. To work with a Quest or Quest 2, though, it must support fast data transfer speeds and quick charging, making the compatible picks below your best starting point. That’s why our top pick is the Knave USB-C magnetic adapter. It checks all the boxes.Best magnetic charger for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 in 2021

Best overall: Cafele USB C Magnetic Cable and Tips

These cables and tips come in a matching two-pack or three-pack in your colors. The small USB Type-C tip will plug into your Oculus Quest 2 headset, and the 6.6-foot cables will magnetically connect to the information. These cables even have an LED light showing the connection status at the end. Thanks to their durable construction, these braided cables are extra strong and will last a long time. Make sure you velcro it to your headset since it’s not a 90-degree cable connector and could otherwise get snagged on a flailing controller.

In addition to charging via the Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 and 3.0 standards — which will help keep your Quest 2 setting while playing when paired with the best battery packs for Quest 2 — these cables support data transfer. That means you’ll never have to remove the magnetic tip to plug a standard USB cable in to hook your Quest 2 to a PC (or other devices).


  • Supports quick charging
  • Supports data transfer up to 480MB/s.
  • Strong braided construction
  • Long enough to use with a battery pack


  • Straight connector (not 990 degrees

Best overall

Cafele USB C Magnetic Cable and Tips

This magnetic cable and tip set to support data and quick charging. It even has a handy little LED light.

Best for controllers: BeswinVR Magnetic Charge Kit

This one-of-a-kind magnetic controller charging kit comes with a pair of AA batteries that fit inside the Oculus Quest 2 controllers and are held in by a specially-designed door that keeps the magnetic charging tip exposed. That tip magnetically connects to the included cables, which can plug into any charger you choose with a standard USB Type-A port. That makes recharging your controllers — however infrequent that may be — so much easier since you’ll never have to remove the battery door again. The optional BeswinVR silicone grips will up the price slightly, but they’re specially designed to keep that magnetic charging tip exposed, meaning you’ll never have to remove the grips just to charge the controller. That’s good since standard grips won’t fit the controller with the extra charging pin sticking out.

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