Every game you can cross-buy in VR for Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest

by Jeremy

Hack and slash:
Until You Fall

This arcade-inspired title has you hack and slash your way to victory. You can attack, block, cast spells, and dodge to the game’s synth-wave soundtrack. The game includes a variety of weapons to fight against monsters.

$25 at Oculus Store

Accounting Oculus Quest


This comedic game is just about everything other than accounting in an office. It takes you to a series of virtual worlds where you go on a humorous adventure.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Nutty gameplay:

Acron is an impressive-looking game that uses both VR and mobile phones to create a seamless experience. In the VR version, you are a tree defending your nuts, while portable players act as squirrels trying to take them.

$20 at Oculus Store


Fright night:

This frightening experience doesn’t require you to solve puzzles or find keys. Instead, you have to navigate through terrifying routes in VR!

$10 at Oculus Store

Angry Birds Oculus Quest

Blowing up pigs:
Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

This title takes the familiar birds you know from the well-known mobile franchise and puts them into 3D. Like in the popular mobile game, you can solve puzzles in over 50 levels by slinging birds at pigs.

$15 at Oculus Store

Apex Construct Oculus Quest

Bow vs. bot:
Apex Construct

In this post-apocalyptic world, you use a bow, arrow, and shield to battle robots. It’s a single-player game that mixes puzzles with a story where you’re the last human on the planet.

$20 at Oculus Store

Audio Trip Oculus Quest

Dance away:
Audio Trip

This dancing game has you move to the beat of songs from Skrillex, Zedd, Lady Gaga, and more. It also has an in-VR level editor to customize your experience further.

$20 at Oculus Store


Bang bang:

This title from Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band and Dance Central, has you shoot blasters to songs’ rhythm. It includes songs from famous artists and looks excellent for replayability as you’ll aim to raise your score.

$30 at Oculus

Ballista Oculus Quest

Cute castle defense:

In this first-person VR title, you’re aided by magical items and creatures. You can collect magical creatures from hurling at opponents to defeat them.

$15 at Oculus Store

Battlescar Screenshot

Punk indie film:

This three-part VR film follows two teenage runaways in 1978 New York City. Follow the graffiti-splattered subway trains as Lupe, Debbie, and their punk band takes on the city.

$6 at Oculus Store

Bowman Quest

Way of the samurai archer:

Samurai are skilled in more than just sword combat. They also know how to wield a bow like nobody’s business. Wield a yumi (that’s a Japanese-style bow) and hone your archery skills over 80 levels to become the Samurai master you’ve always dreamed of.

$15 at Oculus Store

Box VR Oculus Quest

VR fitness:

This VR game will help you get into shape through boxing at blocks. It includes content from several trainers, so you don’t get bored. You can also track your progress, work out to music, and create your playlists.

$30 at Oculus Store

Catan Vr Quest

Never board again:
Catan VR

The classic board game comes to life like never before in VR. With an immersive tabletop surrounded by three other players, the game night can be every night (or day) as you match up with friends or other Catan players online. Will you be the first to settle the land of Catan or be forever caught in border skirmishes? It’s all up to you to employ the best strategies.

$15 at Oculus Store

Cave Digger Riches

Into the mines:
Cave Digger: Riches

You can explore the pioneer front, dig your way to gems, and use explosives to find treasure in this mining game. You can also upgrade your vehicle and items to help you find more prizes on the frontier.

$20 at Oculus Store


Vertigo inducing:
The Climb

The Climb is a fan favorite with Rift users and benefits from the wireless freedom of the Oculus Quest. You can scale to new heights and challenge yourself with a variety of levels.

$30 at Oculus Store

Cloudlands 2 Oculus Quest

Epic golf:
Cloudlands 2

This game mixes mini-golf and full-size golf into one game. There’s a 54-hole single-player campaign and support for online multiplayer. You can also create and play on custom levels.

$20 at Oculus Store

Contractors Vr

Intense shooter:
Contractors VR

Firefights, coop missions, and all sorts of firearms await you in this competitive military shooter. You can play casually or compete to see who’s the best.

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