Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s the difference and should you upgrade?

by Jeremy

Sometimes upgrades miss the mark. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Galaxy Watch Active 2. It improves existing sensors with faster and more accurate readings. It also adme other new perks that fill in the blanks left by its predecessor.

Filling in the blanks

Galaxy Watch Active 2

OG fitness smartwatch

Galaxy Watch Active

Galaxy Watch

$200 at Amazon


  • Optional LTE
  • Digital rotating bezel
  • Improved sensors
  • Built-in GPS
  • Running Analysis & VO2 Max


  • Battery drains faster with the LTE model
  • More expensive, especially with LTE

The Galaxy Watch Active is still a mighty impressive smartwatch. It’s got all the features you’d expect, like built-in GPS, activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, Samsung Pay, smartphone notifications, and more. It’s also less expensive.

$149 at Amazon


  • Built-in GPS
  • Great fitness tracking
  • More affordable option
  • Now has a digital rotating bezel


  • Only one size option
  • No LTE connectivity

Galaxy Watch Active two vs. Galaxy Watch Active: A significant improvement

If you’re a true techie, you probably look forward to devising updates and releasing new models. Samsung is one of the top competitors when it comes to finding the best Android smartwatch. The original Galaxy Watch Active was released in March 2019. A few months later, it spoiled yet again with the release of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Is it worth the upgrade?

When it comes to new and improved features, there’s a lot to unpack. With that in mind, the first edition is still a capable smartwatch with many perks. Not to mention that it’s also more affordable for those on a budget. Both of these Samsung smartwatches have a lot to offer. It’s up to you to decide which he best for your needs.

Galaxy Watch Actitwoe 2 vs. Galaxy Watch Active: What’s new?

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central Pictured: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

These two smartwatches have a lot more in common than just their names. They’re both loaded with excellent features such as advanced fitness tracking, heart-rate monitoring, built-in GPS, smartphone notifications, and Samsung Pay. However, some slight improvements make the upgrade to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 worth a second look.

You’ll also have a real-time electrocardiogram (ECG) feature that helps detect irregular heartbeats. Additionally, a more accurate LED-based heart rate monitor, an advanced accelerometer, and improved GPS accuracy. When paired with the new Samsung Health Monitor app, Samsuso added cuffless blood pressure monitoring to the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

It’s also worth noting that an update brought the Galaxy Watch 3 features over to the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The Running Analysis feature is designed to help you become a better runner, improve your form, and prevent injuries. Users can now measure VO2 max, which indicates the maximum amount of oxygen one can utilize during intense activity. This feature can help you determine your overall fitness and performance capacity to improve your enduraime.

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