Tucker Carlson’s ‘Sickening’ Vaccine Question Turned Right Back At Him

by Jeremy

When Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked the coronavirus vaccines again on Wednesday night, he framed it as a question. But it was a very misleading one.

This is a pattern Carlson has consistently followed when pumping out vaccine misinformation, as John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” pointed out on Sunday.Tucker Carlson's 'Sickening' Vaccine Question Turned Right Back At Him

Carlson, who has simultaneously peddled anti-vaccine fear-mongering while alleging he is “pro-vaccine,” misused data to claim people were dying from the shots at a rate “not even close to normal”:

Tucker claims that thousands of Americans have died after getting their COVID shots.

“What is happening now for whatever reason is not even close to normal; it’s not even close to what we see in previous years with previous vaccines.” pic.twitter.com/dOSHMdF9hY

— Tucker Watch (@TuckWatch) May 6, 2021

“How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccines?” Tucker asked as he provided numbers from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

Radiologist Pradheep J. Shanker, who focuses on health policy and is a contributor to the National Review, said on Twitter that the VAERS database allows anyone to submit a report for any reason.

“If you had a vaccine today and then had a heart attack unrelated to the vaccine, your death would be in VAERS,” Shanker wrote on Twitter. “Vaccinating hundreds of millions of people means that, by random probability, some people WILL DIE, and it has no relationship to the vaccine. That is simple math.”

Tucker, being an idiot, took that number of deaths and said they were related to the vaccine.

This, of course, is nonsense. But again, gullible people will believe these things because math and science aren’t crystal clear.

— Pradheep J. Shanker (@Neoavatara) May 6, 2021

Shanker said deaths linked to the vaccine were “sporadic” and praised the shot’s safety.

Craig Spencer, director of global health in emergency medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, also called out Carlson’s “pure, absolute stupidity” in a series of tweets:

Let me make this very simple for you @TuckerCarlson.

We prioritized high-risk groups for vaccination. You know, like older people. Some of the same people whose risk of dying was just quite high at baseline.

Did some of them die after getting a vaccine? Yes.

— Craig Spencer MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) May 6, 2021

Did some of them pass the day before they were going to get vaccinated? Yes.

Did either of those scenarios have anything to do with the vaccine? No.

Please show me that the death rate in those vaccinated was higher than the baseline.

It isn’t. It’s the opposite.

— Craig Spencer MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) May 6, 2021

Here’s what happened:

The death rate, especially in high-risk populations, dropped precipitously. Like, immediately.

Covid19 was the third-leading cause of death last year. A fact that you frequently downplayed on your show. pic.twitter.com/LSUw2Gg4L8

— Craig Spencer MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) May 6, 2021

Save your faux outrage. You’re either too smart to know better or too dumb to be talking with any authority to anyone about this, let alone millions of Americans.

Your nightly lying and spreading of disinformation are responsible for more deaths than you attribute to the vaccine.

— Craig Spencer MD MPH (@Craig_A_Spencer) May 6, 2021

Many of Carlson’s critics slammed his comments on Twitter. Some even turned the question back at him and asked how many of his viewers had died after watching the show:

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