Ways to Keep a Commercial Kitchen Clean

by Jeremy

Proper hygiene is necessary for food safety and customer satisfaction. According to CDC, 50% of diseases from food are connected to restaurants. Hence there is a need to maintain proper hygiene at all times. A commercial kitchen is one of the essential parts that must always be kept clean. You can do basic things for your commercial kitchen to keep it clean and in top-notch hygiene. This post will discuss three things you must do daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your commercial kitchen conforms to the health and safety rules.

Kitchen Clean

Encourage your Staff to Maintain Cleanliness

One way to maintain proper kitchen hygiene is by cleaning all the areas. Provide a disinfectant that should be sprayed on the surface. The counter attracts bacteria due to their frequent use. Dirt will also build up over time, and it becomes essential to clean the surfaces regularly. Remember, you use these surfaces to prepare and serve food. Encouraging your staff to adopt a culture that periodically cleans the surfaces after use will be a great idea.

Remind them to empty the waste bins, clear the dishwasher, clean the surfaces, and disinfect ovens and sinks. A daily cleaning routine eliminates major problems and keeps the kitchen sparkling clean. Make sure the floor remains clean too. It should be thoroughly wept and cleaned at the corner and below appliances. This maintains a high level of hygiene for your commercial kitchen.

Assign Sections to Your Workers

It could be a good idea to split roles among your staff. This way, everyone will be responsible for cleaning a specific section. Designate specific areas for your employees and let them know how clean you want the place to be. Assign a person to wash the dishes and the dishwasher. Make sure the sink is always clean and grease-free to avoid attracting bacteria and germs. The point is to allocate responsibilities for your staff so that each will be answerable in case of a problem.

Hire Cleaning Services for Deep Cleaning

Even if you clean the kitchen daily, you might not reach some places well. Not every part will require daily maintenance. You can schedule the complex features like the canopy and exhaust for monthly cleaning. Ensure you get an experienced service provider for Melbourne commercial kitchen cervices for deep cleaning. You can hire the services monthly to ensure even the most significant kitchen parts are clean. Clean the drawers and the shelves with soapy water before you store your food. Make sure every place that might harbor germs and bacteria is disinfected.


You don’t have to wait until it is too late and the kitchen is too dirty. Regular maintenance services on your commercial kitchen make work easier. So, it is wise to develop standard cleaning policies to ensure the place is hygienic and satisfies the customers. This brings excellent returns on your investment and ensures your business remains on the competitive edge.

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