AURIC Goldstone Glow Lust Review & Swatches

by Jeremy


Auric Goldstone Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer ($45.00 for 1.13 oz.) is a medium brown with warmer, golden undertones and a natural sheen. The finish had fine pearls that yielded a luminous glow on my skin but never looked shimmery–it was very “skin-like.” When mixed in with foundation, it still excited the glowiness of my foundation finish.

AURIC Goldstone Glow Lust Review & Swatches

It had buildable pigmentation that ranged from sheerer to medium, depending on how much was applied and how it was done; when I used a small amount as a standalone product, it yielded more semi-sheer to medium coverage that was easy to diffuse if desired. It had a fluid consistency that seemed a little thicker and creamier than most liquid highlighters, and it spread well over bare skin and base products. This shade wore nicely for nine hours before showing signs of fading when worn alone. I didn’t notice a difference in longevity when mixed in with the foundation.

FURTHER READING: Formula Overview for details on general performance and characteristics (like the scent).

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  • Auric Citrine (P, $45.00) is lighter and cooler (90% similar).
  • Giorgio Armani No. 03 (P, $62.00) is less shimmery, darker, and warmer (85% similar).
  • Giorgio Armani No. 14 (P, $62.00) is shimmery, darker, and brighter (85% similar).
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  • Kevyn Aucoin Sunlight (P, $52.00) is shimmery, darker, and warmer (80% similar).
  • Auric Axinite (P, $45.00) is less shimmery, darker, and cooler (80% similar).
  • Charlotte Tilbury Dark (7) (P, $44.00) (80% equal).
  • Auric Tourmaline (P, $45.00) (80% similar).

Formula Overview

$45.00/1.13 oz. – $39.82 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to have buildable coverage so that it can be used “alone” or “blended” with skincare/foundation or “used as a highlighter on top of foundation.”

The consistency was creamy, slightly thicker than many liquid luminizers (but not heavy or overly thick), and it seemed more pigmented in its base compared to other liquid luminizers.

It had beautiful pearls that added luminosity and a subtle-to-light glow to the skin with light dewiness. The shimmer was nearly undetectable when applied and diffused as a standalone product but still delivered a noticeable uptick in glowiness to my skin, whether used alone or mixed in.

It was easy to mix in with moisturizer, primer, and foundation, and it also worked well patted on top of the high points of the face, whether my skin was bare or on top of foundation. When applied on top, I didn’t have issues lifting my base products–set and unset–. It dried down, for the most part, retained light dewiness to the eye, and wasn’t tacky.

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