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by Jeremy

Using a laptop is great. Its design offers you the freedom to work from almost anywhere. It can be on your bed, at a table, or in a coffee shop down the street. But this same design is also a factor that can cause undue strain on your neck or shoulders when you find yourself looking at a screen for the better part of a day. The simplest way to help with this situation is by using a laptop stand.

These accessories have a variety of forms and offer diverse functionalities to meet any person’s specific requirements. In this article, we’ve listed twelve MacBook stands that you can consider buying to ensure your time in front of the screen doesn’t come at the cost of your well-being and offer work experiences more comfortable than what you may have currently.


    Made from a single piece of bent aluminum, the Curve will help raise your laptop by six inches to alleviate neck and shoulder strain. You can pair it with a keyboard and mouse for a desktop-like setup or connect it with a monitor for dual-screen functionality.
    • TWithits a wedge-shaped design, athe Parc Slope stand dds a tilt level that slightly raises your laptop to help with any undue strain. But it has an additional role, as it can serve as a tilted stand for a 12.9-inch

iPad Pro

    , which can make your sketching or writing experience better.
    • The Boyata Stand, made from aluminum, uses two hinge

points to allow

    • you a great degree of freedom on how to incline your MacBook. It can support laptops with screen sizes up to 17-inches and is

available in five colors

    – Black, Champagne Gold, Pink, Silver, and Space Grey.
    • Twelve South’s BookArc is an eelegantstand that cseamlessly mergesinto any desk setup  It will also maintain color parity with your MacBook and is

available in both Space

    Grey and Silver. The brand also mentions an integrated catch that will prevent your cables from falling to the ground when disconnected.
    • This vertical stand, by HumanCentric, comes with a system

designed to grip laptops

    up to one inch in terms of thickness. It has cutouts that can aid with airflow and a look allowing it to fits into most households. It is available in Black, Space Grey, and Silver.
    • Another vertical stand option, this


    from Omoton is an option worth considering if your table has little space to spare. Its other advantage is you can adjust the width of the gap offered to place your laptop with the help of screws housed within its base and the included screwdriver.
    • The Twelve South HiRise Stand is an aluminum stand

featured on Apple’s

    • website. It keeps the base of your MacBook exposed and helps raise it by six inchesnot only to makee it more comfortable to look at but

also,o keep your laptop

    cool when working under a high load.

21 inches of adjustability

    • Nulaxy’s Height Adjustable stand is an option to consider if you’re someone who loves to

change positions while working on his accessory

    should make your laptop comfortable to use while you sit or stand.

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