Deadly Sins of SEO to Avoid

by Jeremy

SEO has become one of the most crucial business aspects today. Ranking top of the search engines predisposes you to convert prospects more than any other strategy. The shifting algorithms and trends have meant businesses refreshing their SEO strategies often. Still, some rules hold for the best SEO results.


Here are some of the deadly sins of SEO to avoid for the best SEO strategy.

SEO is all about finding the right keywords and focusing on them. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you need the right keywords in your niche.

Finding the keywords does not mean changing your content to contain the term. Neither should you appear to be spamming hence low-quality work. Instead, have a deliberate strategy to include the keyword in your content.

Your content should revolve around the keyword to make your work more natural and valuable.

  • Spammy Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the best ways to rank on the search engine. Quality links from various authority sites give you more credibility than the search engines look for.

Getting quality backlinks is not easy. It takes time and top-quality content to achieve. Some websites hence avoid the hard work and opt to buy the backlinks.

Buying backlinks is not fair to your competition. The search engines will likely punish you if they realize you buy the backlinks. Most sites selling the links are also spammy and low quality; hence won’t matter in your strategy.

  • Failing to Hire the Right SEO Company

While most small companies tend to approach SEO as a DIY, those looking to meet their goals faster need a professional SEO company.

Hiring the right Melbourne SEO agency takes time. You need to research the available prospects, talk to them and decide on the one to work with. You can also ask around from your network for referrals.

Some companies never want to spend time looking for the right company. They end up working with the first prospect they encounter. Ultimately, they realize they might not have had the best deals for results and costs.

  • Using Traffic As the Only Measure of Success

Given that the internet is a game of numbers, most companies only look into traffic to measure the success of a campaign. However, not all the traffic is quality. You don’t need a million visitors to your site when none converts to deals and sales.

Use the traffic as a metric measurement and key performance indicators (KPIs) like bounce rates, leads, and conversions.

Establish the KPIs before you start a project. As such, you can better measure the return on investments.

  • Neglecting Content

Creating quality content needs in-depth research and effort. No matter the quality of your services, you will struggle with organic traffic if the content does not match.

Most companies would invest in the various SEO aspects and neglect content. They don’t understand the need for unique, data-driven, and educative content. These businesses end up ranking poorly on search engines.

Bottom Line

A work SEO strategy takes time. Better develop various KPIs to measure your success. It would help find the right team, find the right keywords, and invest in quality content. Avoiding these SEO mistakes is your chance of unlimited organic traffic and conversion.

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