Learn why water hose reels are so useful!

by Jeremy

The device that will make your life easier!

Some tools sometimes seem unnecessary, and their importance is not sufficiently appreciated. However, only having them can make you realize how wrong you were. This is the case with water hose reels. It is a small, inconspicuous device that makes a big difference. It is used to store flat water hoses, and this type of storage has benefits only. First, keeping water hoses on the water hose reels is a compact solution and takes up very little space. Besides, the water hose remains in pristine order.

It is protected against unfavorable weather conditions such as frost, snow, mud, and solar radiation. It is also perfectly wound on a hose reel so that no creases are formed on its coating. Such storage of water hose extends its lifespan. There is also the issue of convenience, which should not be overlooked as it is essential. Thanks to the water hose reel, it takes just a moment to unwind and rewind the water hose, and it becomes a pure pleasure. Water hose stores on the hose reel are also pleasing to the eye. Nothing is worse than a dusty, tangled water hose lying on the floor.hose reels

One of the main rules- quality matters!

There are many water hose reels on the market. However, deciding which one to choose should be guided by quality. Pay attention to what materials the water hose reel is made of, what length the water hose reel can hold, and how the winding and unwinding system works. It has to be easy and intuitive, and the water hose reel material must be durable, resistant to impact and high and low temperatures. It is also worth purchasing from reliable producers and distributors such as Flat Out International, which has been on the market for 20 years.

The purchase can be made in a few simple steps in their online store. Their water hose reels are made of UV-stabilized and impact-resistant plastics, and outer shells protect hoses when in transit from other objects that may hit them and cause damage. Water hose reels from Flat Out International can store even a 30 m water hose. The system of winding up and unwinding works flawlessly without using force. Interestingly, on reels, you can keep water hoses and various types of extension cords, cables, or ropes. It is a tangling-free and compact solution.

Easy to operate- just a few simple steps!

Water hose reels are easy-to-use devices—just a few simple steps to wind up or unwind a water hose from the hose reel. Most of them work similarly, so the method of winding up and unwinding can be represented, for example, by a water hose reel from Flat Out International. Before the purchase, it is essential to ensure that this system is understandable and works flawlessly. It is worth knowing that the winding and unwinding process is the same whether you store cables, power cords, ropes, or water hoses on your storage reel.

To wind it up, it needs to be aligned front petal opening with black guides, and the hose end needs to be placed in the center, laying the hose through the reel and out the exit guides. Then, while holding the gray handle in your left hand, the knob clockwise must be turned with your right hand until the entire hose is closed. That’s all. To unwind a hose, pull out a part of it and put something on the end to prevent it from winding. Then grab the gray handle and move the piece away, letting the hose unwind naturally. The water hose must be wholly removed from the reel before use.

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