Lisa Eldridge Cosmic Rose Elevated Glow Highlighter Review & Swatches

by Jeremy

Cosmic Rose

Lisa Eldridge Cosmic Rose Elevated Glow Highlighter ($38.00 for 0.43 oz.) is a light, golden peach with an ultra-fine pearl that gives it a soft, luminous sheen when left to set and dry down on the skin. It wasn’t transfer-proof but fairly transfer-resistant. It was vital to let it develop. This was how one achieved the “smoothing” effect, which helped the product meld better with skin and appear reflective and glowing without visibly shimmering.Highlighter

The texture felt lightweight, thin, and a little watery, but it was still easy to work with on bare skin and applied on top of the foundation. I would recommend using a small amount as it spread very readily, which helped it retain its sheerness (as marketed) but could make it apply to a larger area than desired. The intensity of the glow could be built up by adding a second layer. It lasted well for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Formula Overview
for details on general performance and characteristics (like the scent).

  • Auric Selenite (P, $45.00) is less shimmery and cooler (95% similar).
  • Urban Decay Universal (LE, $32.00) is less shimmery (90% similar).
  • Natasha Denona Light (01) (P, $38.00) is more shimmery and more pigmented (90% identical).
  • Auric Morganite (P, $45.00) is lighter (90% identical).
  • Charlotte Tilbury Fair (2.5) (P, $44.00) is less shimmery and warmer (90% equal).
  • Becca Luminary (1) (P, $30.00) is cooler (90% equal).
  • Glossier Play Pale Pearl (P, $20.00) is shimmery and pigmented (90% similar).
  • Charlotte Tilbury Fair (1) (P, $44.00) is shimmery, lighter, and warmer (85% equal).
  • Auric Pyrite (P, $45.00) is darker and warmer (80% identical).
  • Becca Orbit (2) (P, $30.00) is less shimmery, darker, and warmer (80% equal).

Formula Overview

$38.00/0.43 oz. – $88.37 Per Ounce

The formula is described as a “sheer, lightly tinted and skin adaptive base” with “small” pearls that give a “glowy and seamless” highlighting effect to the skin. It should also have a “subtle skin tightening and smoothing effect.” The intensity of the pearl can be built upper the brand.

It had a soft, luminous sheen that wasn’t so dewy that it veered into an oily territory and had a fine pearl illuminated without emphasizing skin texture. The pigmentation was sheer, as marketed, and buildable to more semi-sheer to medium coverage if desired. The effect could be intensified by layering more products on, as described.

The product was best applied directly to bare skin, left to set (three minutes as advised by the brand), and add-on base products as desired to see the subtle smoothing effect. I found that the formula was smoother this way, though it never added to the texture of my skin, even when applied directly on top of the foundation.

The consistency was thin, lightweight, and watery, so the application was most accessible, dabbing a bit on the back of my hand and then using a fingertip or a stippling brush to pick up the product and pat it onto my skin. The product applied well over bare skin and base products as it wasn’t prone to lifting the foundation when I did it this way. If I applied directly from the doe-foot applicator over the foundation, it seemed to over-apply the product and be too wet, so it was harder to work with and tended to spread out to a larger area than I intended.

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