Profitable Bonuses That Various Casinos Offer

by Jeremy

Most of the casino sites operating online develop their bonus and promotions. Modern platforms pursue simple important goals — to attract new players and increase the audience to create the most comfortable conditions for the users to play.

On the Internet, you can find a casino with a cash bonus immediately after registration. These are holiday bonuses, birthday gifts, rewards for raising the level, attracting customers as part of an affiliate program, or regular promotional offers. Sometimes, you need to enter a promo code in your account to activate your cash prizes.

In this article, our expert, Kim Pascoe, will help to understand the main types of the best online casino bonuses and also tell you about the most profitable casino bonus in NZ! You can read more from her here.


Why Does the Casino Distribute Gaming Bonuses?

The answer to the question is obvious — any casino is interested in the influx of law-abiding and solvent customers. Professional players and beginners can apply for “free” accruals. The latter receive bonuses more often to form a strong interest in virtual slot machines or video games and turn them into loyal customers.

In New Zealand, for example, the first slots appeared back in the 90s. Of course, at that time, entertainment was simple, both externally and in terms of functionality. At the beginning of the new century, technology began to develop rapidly, and more exciting slots were born on the market. That’s when more gaming lines appeared, as well as well-known games (card games, live casino), profitable bonuses, doubling games, and so on.

Since New Zealanders are gambling people, casino bonuses in NZ are common among gamers!

The Main Types of Bonuses

Since each institution practices its ways of attracting and encouraging players, it isn’t easy to develop a unified classification of bonuses.

Nevertheless, it’s worth highlighting the most common of them, which are popular and loved by players:

  1. Welcome, Bonus.
  2. No Deposit Bonus.
  3. Deposit Bonus.
  4. First Deposit Bonus.
  5. Sticky Bonus.

To better understand the topic, we’ll focus on each item in more detail and analyze all types of bonuses separately.

Welcome Bonus

The most popular type of bonus is intended for visitors who have just registered on a platform. The accrual of the introductory bonus can occur in various ways, the choice of which depends solely on the advertising policy of each casino.

Conditionally, such bonuses can be divided into two categories:

  •   Online casinos have no deposit bonuses;
  •   Deposit bonuses.

These two types are described below.

No Deposit Bonus

Such bonuses are credited to the player’s account immediately after the registration procedure is completed.

It’s impossible to withdraw no-deposit funds from the casino immediately. To do this, certain conditions should be met. Usually, it’s about a specific number or total amount of bets a player should make during a particular period.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses in different forms probably exist in every modern online casino. If you want to get it, it’s enough to make the first deposit to your gaming account! Usually, casinos set the minimum deposit required to earn a bonus.

First Deposit Bonus

This is a kind of welcome bonus. It’s credited at the first replenishment of the account by a beginner. Sometimes the conditions for wagering bonuses imply that this can only be done in some specific games. This again confirms that before making a deposit and counting on receiving compensation, you must study the conditions that the casino puts forward carefully.

In some establishments, the player can make free bets in one of the games after making the first deposit. Such actions are called free spins.

Sticky Bonus

The main idea of the “sticky” bonus is that after the player fulfills all the casino’s conditions for the wagering and wants to withdraw money from their account (meaning the winning amount and the bonus amount), the bonus itself is returned to the platform’s cashier. But don’t worry about winning — the player will get it in full.

“Sticky” bonuses also come in different types:

  1. Some are withdrawn from the player’s account after the first withdrawal of funds.
  2. Others have a fixed expiration date when they will be available, regardless of other financial transactions.

What unites them is that they can only be used for the game but not for withdrawal. Nevertheless, with the help of such bonuses, a user has an excellent opportunity to win a decent amount that will significantly exceed its size.


The casino’s marketing policy includes bonuses, incentives, gifts, and promotional offers. In fierce competition, such establishments are interested in promoting their brands. In addition to attracting new players, the casino should be able to retain them and form a loyal audience — any incentives are aimed at this.

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