Should you care about the upcoming Apple iPad?

by Jeremy

Apple is expected to launch an iPad Pro refresh and possibly a new iPad mini – among other things – at its upcoming March event later next month. But is the iPad Pro, or any iPad for that matter, still product users should be excited about? Like its iPhone lineup, Apple’s iPad has something for everyone, with various sizes, colors, and performance figures. While the iPad mini – rumored to be sacrificed for a foldable iPhone within the next couple of years (note: only if it folds out to a giant canvas) – is still the easiest to manipulate, it offers just a slightly larger display than a large phone. In this particular case, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.Apple

Something (an Apple iPad) for everyone

If you’re using your iPad for work, the 12.9 and the 11-inch iPad Pro models have everything you need, whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, or light content creator.

The new iPad Air, with a slightly smaller display, is a more personal device thanks to its color options. This is typically a tablet for media consumption, light office work, and social media, not because it lacks horsepower. It’s a happier tablet that doesn’t scream business like the iPad Pro unless you choose the Space Gray version.

Then comes the classic iPad with the old design but with a really attractive price tag, and last comes the iPad mini, the smallest of all, with just a hair under eight inches.

Ultimately, we all use iPads differently, but it’s safe to assume you won’t go for the iPad Pro if you only watch Pocketnow videos on YouTube.

Is an extra device necessary?

This is a question many, including companies, have tried to answer. Manufacturers have slowly started bridging the gap between smartphones and tablets. This was how the phablet category was created, and today, a six-inch smartphone is pretty much standard, just under two inches away from the smallest iPads (or tablets in general, for that matter).

The question seems to be unanswered, as the problem at its core remains unsolved. The larger and larger smartphones are getting, the more complex and more challenging they can fit inside your pockets, purses, etc., a problem tablets were facing from the get-go. Trying to solve this problem (among other things, like technological advancements) gave birth to the costly foldable smartphones, which aim to offer the best of both worlds.

But, since not all of us can afford a $2,500 foldable smartphone, and carrying your laptop everywhere you go is not always feasible, I’m afraid the extra device is necessary, with a caveat.

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