This or That: Green-Teal-Blue Multichromes

by Jeremy

There are so many cream blushes released this year! These are highly similar, but it made me think long and hard! Today, I thought we’d look at two incredibly similar shades of multichrome eyeshadow and see if we could dial in on why one makes more sense.

Learn how to make more critical comparisons between two products when choosing between two options, whether you’re in decluttering mode, considering a new purchase, or have been tempted by something new and shiny!

Clionadh Trefoil vs. Terra Moons Mood Ring

The Analysis

TREFOIL ClionadhMOOD RINGTerra Moons
FinishHigh-shine metallic with a fine sparkleSmooth metallic, moderate shine
ColorMultichrome with black base, blue-teal-green shiftMultichrome with black base, blue-teal-green shift
TextureSoft, moderately emollient, slightly denseSoft, lightly emollient, less dense
LongevityIt starts fading at 8.5 hours, fading evenlyIt starts fading at 8 hours, fades evenly
ApplicationApplied well dry and could be used with a dampened brushApplied well dry and could be used with a wet brush
AccessibilityOnline only, direct, based in Canada, pre-orderOnline online, immediate only, based in the US, pre-order
Price/SizeOn the higher end for Multichromes, shipping costs may be higher due to the Canada location for specific customers.Slightly more affordable, shipping may be lower for specific customers

Reasons for Clionadh Trefoil: The color and finish give Trefoil an inkier quality as the black base was slightly more affluent and deeper. At the same time, the shine made it appear somewhat more intense overall. The formula is more emollient and slightly creamier, so it has better adhesion and longevity. The shift stays lower for longer–by an hour or so–than Mood Ring. If you love the look of eyeshadows applied wet but ddidn’twant to use a dampened brush, Trefoil has that impact dry.

Reasons for Terra Moons Mood Ring: I think this is slightly easier to work with for someone who hadn’t used Multichromes before as the black base wasn’t quite as intense, so I felt it was more forgiving and easier to use. It wasn’t as an emollient, which may be preferred for those with oilier lids as sometimes denser, more emollient formulas can crease more readily. Because the finish on this shade was smoother and not quite as shiny, I’d expect it to be a little more forgiving of more lid texture. If you only purchase one or two shades and live in the US (at least, it may apply to other regions!), shipping is more affordable (free over $65, whereas Clionadh’s shipping starts at $15, and there’s no free shipping offered).

Editor’s Pick: I prefer Trefoil’s slightly more emollient quality and the shinier, more intense finish. However, if I were only ordering one or two shades from either brand, I would opt for Mood Ring because the difference in cost would be too great for those marginal differences–Mood Ring is still quite smooth and metallic with great intensity. Without owning both, I’d never think there were real differences (even as slight as they are).

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with either shade because they are very similar. The colors are nearly the same, while the high-performing, subtle diffediff willlyresulting in slight differences in the finish. Still, the application of the two is similar. The price point on each is comparable, but the difference in shipping costs will likely determine which is the better “deal.”

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