Types of Outdoor Furniture That Are Great for Entertaining

by Jeremy

Outdoor events like dinner parties and picnics are great activities if you have a garden or ample space in your patio or yard. However, having sufficient space is not the only requirement for entertaining guests outdoors. It also helps if you have the right furniture to accommodate your guests. Below are some types of outdoor furniture that are perfect for entertaining.

Outdoor Chairs


One of the essential pieces of furniture you need for entertaining guests outdoors is a chair. Chairs are handy when hosting an event like a barbeque or outdoor dinner. Ensure that the chairs you choose blend well with your outdoor area. For instance, you could select garden chairs if you plan to entertain in the garden. Outdoor chairs are available in a wide range of materials, including wood, wicker, and plastic, to name just a few. You can also select chairs based on your budget and requirements. Some of the most popular types of chairs you can get for entertaining outdoor include:

  • Camping chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Chairs with ottomans
  • Outdoor dining chairs



Your entertaining outdoor space would not be complete without a table. A table for your backyard or patio can be useful even if you don’t have chairs. For instance, you can host parties and use the table for holding food and drinks as your guests walk around and mingle. A sturdy table can also serve other purposes like eating, painting, and studying. Getting a table for your patio, garden, or backyard can also help to give your outdoor space a more finished look, especially if you pair it with chairs. In this case, you might want to match the table with your existing chairs. Some of the best types of tables to consider buying for entertaining outdoor include:

  • Coffee tables
  • Side tables
  • Dining tables
  • Firepit tables
  • Picnic tables



Sofas are another form of outdoor furniture that makes entertaining easy. Whether you have one large sofa or a set, an outdoor sofa can come in handy for entertaining guests outdoors. The right sofa can also contribute to an attractive look for your outdoor area. With this type of furniture, you can comfortably sit and chat with your guests. There are also numerous options for materials, designs, and styles.

Dining Set


An outdoor dining set is another excellent piece of furniture to consider for entertaining. The best outdoor dining sets are usually made from metal or wicker. These materials are easy to maintain, making them long-lasting. They can also help make your outdoors look welcoming and cozy. An outdoor dining set is an excellent choice for hosting dinners and other events outdoors.

Bistro Sets


You can also buy bistro sets that are designed for use outdoors. A bistro set is usually pub stools and a small round or oval table. They’re a great option to transform your outdoors into a trendy and classy space for hosting guests.

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