What Is Title Re-Establishment and Its Importance?

by Jeremy

A title re-establishment is a land survey done on a previously surveyed property. It is done to restore the plot’s boundary by linking the current property to the previous data. In the case of subdivided property, it may relate to the parent property. Any property with a registered survey document on public file qualifies for a title re-establishment.

First, a re-establishment survey is done whenever governing bodies demand a detailed property survey. Second, building improvements are made closer to the boundary or when fencing is to establish a limit. Land surveyors in Melbourne will first study the previous survey before starting a study on your property and match it with the last survey copy.

What Is Title Re-Establishment and Its Importance?


What Is the Importance of Title Re-Establishment?

While considering any development work like subdivision, fencing, building work near the boundary, settling disputes, or preventing encroachments, it is essential to confirm the facts first. Any construction done on the property that does not belong to you might lead to future disputes. When the old and new survey is compared, you get a complete picture of your land. Title re-establishment will show easements and encroachment and help identify errors and issues. Besides matching the boundaries, it will highlight baseline information about all other work on the property. Correcting title errors is essential as it can increase or even decrease the valuation of the property.

What Is the Procedure for Getting A Title Re-establishment Done?

Title re-establishment is done by seeking relevant information and obtaining records from the respective state departments. In most surveys, the surveyor will locate and establish markers in the property in the original plan.

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The reference marks from the previous survey are located, confirmed, and used to relate to the parenting plan.

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Markers from the property are found, confirmed as reference markers, and linked to the previous survey.

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When no markers can be found, existing structures are related to the parenting plant.

Title re-establishment surveys are technical; quite often, establishing markers may be challenging. It is best to consult professionals to work closely with the state departments to resolve points needing clarification. The land surveyors will understand the regulations involved; they know the errors could be found and fixed.


If you are confused if your boundaries are correct and whether it is legally okay to place a structure on your property’s periphery, a land surveyor is the best person to consult. They will help you resolve all your queries; not just that, in case of discrepancies, they will work with the local authorities to determine the irregularities.

Land planning is a time-consuming process and involves time and patience. A consultation with the land surveyor will help you set reasonable deadlines and what to expect.

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