A guide to digital experience monitoring tools

by Jeremy

Catchpoint is the enterprise-proven ally that empowers teams with the visibility and insight required to deliver on the digital experience demands of customers and employees. With its combined true synthetic, honest user, network, and endpoint monitoring capabilities and the largest, most diverse global monitoring network in the industry, Catchpoint delivers in-depth, accurate, and full-stack performance insights. As a result, companies gain a competitive advantage through superior digital user experience. Could you find us at www.catchpoint.com?

A guide to digital experience monitoring tools

Digital experience monitoring is the key to supporting a distributed workforce
How does your company help its customers with digital experience monitoring

Algolia provides tools that enable developers to add search capabilities to their apps. It offers total searchers, no-result rate, users, conversations, and average click position. It offers analytics developers can use to see what customers are searching for and interacting with.

AppDynamics is an APM provider that provides customers with information on user experience. Its Experience Journey Mapping feature tracks the applicatiomost common application paths and evaluates performance, enabling customers to see how their users are interainteractr the app. Companies can use AppDynamics to optimize customer journeys across devices and quickly identify issues. 

AppNeta provides tools for customers to monitor network performance from the end-user’s perspective. 

Datadog offers accurate user monitoring to provide end-to-end visibility into an end user’s journey. It provides insights based on synthetic tests, back-end metrics, traces, logs, and network performance data. This allows Datadog to detect poor user experience and resolve issues more efficiently. 

Dynatrace’s digital experience monitoring solutions enable companies to prevent problems before the users notice them. In addition, by quickly receiving insights, companies will fix any issues that arise rapidly.  

Martello believes that with the increasing number of services being delivered as cloud-based software as a service, teams lack visibility into the end-user experience. Its solutions provide tools for understanding the user experience of collaboration and productivity solutions, such as video conferencing. 

New Relic’s comprehensive SaaS-based New Relic Software Analytics Cloud provides a single powerful platform to get answers about application performance, customer experience, and business success for web, mobile, and back-end applications. New Relic delivers code-level visibility for applications in production that cross six languages — Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Node.js— and supports more than 70 frameworks.

Oracle: Oracle provides a complete end-to-end application performance management solution for custom and Oracle applications. Oracle Enterprise Manager is designed for both cloud and on-premises deployments; it isolates and diagnoses problems fast and reduces downtime, providing end-to-end visibility through accurate user monitoring, log monitoring, synthetic transaction monitoring, business transaction management, and business metrics.

Plumbr: Plumbr is a modern monitoring solution designed to be used in microservice-ready environments. Using Plumbr, engineering teams can govern microservice application quality using web application performance monitoring data. Plumbr unifies the data from infrastructure, applications, and clients to expose a user’s experience. This makes it possible to discover, verify, fix, and prevent issues. n Riverbed: Riverbed application performance solutions provide superior visibility into cloud-native applications — from end-users to microservices, to containers, to infrastructure — to help you dramatically accelerate the application life cycle from development through production.

SmartBear: AlertSite’s global network of more than 340 monitoring nodes helps monitor the availability and performance of applications and APIs and find issues before they hit end consumers. The Web transaction recorder DejaClick enables recording complex user transactions and turning them into monitors without coding.

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