Standout Ideas for Home Renovation

by Jeremy

A home renovation can be done for many reasons. For instance, you might be planning on selling your property, and thus you want to bring it more up-to-date to attract top-quality buyers. On the other hand, you might be more interested in simply making your living space more comfortable, more luxurious, or merely a reflection of your evolved taste.

Whatever your motivation, it never hurts to consider what elements you can introduce to your home renovation that will make it stand out from other homes. Here are some ideas for those who aren’t sure where to start.

Home Renovation

1. Concrete

The word “concrete” may well be associated with building sites and not as it should with superbly elegant furniture and other features. For example, when you shop for custom-made concrete tapware in Melbourne, you’ll see just how intelligent and breathtaking concrete can be, not to mention versatile.

From ornate and finely crafted concrete benches and loveseats to install in the garden to statues, birdbaths, and more, concrete is your best friend when it comes to styling up your home’s outdoor space. On top of that, you can lend some weighty magnificence to your living room with concrete paneling around the fireplace, or a concrete bathtub, sink and tapware in your bathroom. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

2. Pool Renovation

Next, Australian homes often have swimming pools, about 1.2 million, according to information from November 2021. That’s the highest per capita pool ownership in the world. It also means serious competition when you want your pool to stand out to potential buyers or visitors.

Renovating your pool area with a new deck, a better barbecue area, new sun loungers, perhaps making the pool a bit larger if possible, or adding an adjoining jacuzzi can do amazing things not just to your pool area but to your overall property value.

3. Trees and Landscaping

The more natural features of your home can be just as impressive as the artificial ones. Taking the time and money to invest in landscaping can deliver stunning trees that look the part and help naturally shade remarkable aspects of the house that might otherwise get too hot. Rockeries, zen gardens, natural-looking water features, and ponds are all possibilities that will make your outside pop.

When many renovate, their ultimate goal is to add appeal to their property, for the family living there, their visitors, or potential buyers a little further down the line. Improving the outdoors is smart because it’s the first and most impacting aspect of your home that generates curb appeal.

4. A Home Bar

A great feature to go either in your indoor space — living room, entrance hall, dining room — or even in your backyard — especially the pool area — is a well-constructed and even better-stocked home bar. Build a fantastic bar with seating, shelving, sinks, drink and snack preparation areas, and more. If you have a big budget for it, get the bar, its refrigerators, and an ice machine.

5. Wood Panelling

When looking for a simple, elegant way to augment parts of your home, it’s hard to go wrong with real-wood paneling. It’s not always cheap, but if you stick to one room, such as a study or home office, it keeps costs down and creates a cozy, high-class feeling to the room. Dark woods invariably work far better for this standout look, so favor those.

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