Where to find the best childcare supplies in Melbourne

by Jeremy

Are you starting up a small home daycare? Do you work at a big childcare center spanning multiple locations? Whether your business is on a large or small scale, one thing is for sure; you will go through a lot of supplies! From nappies to books and toys to cleaning products, the list can seem endless. Luckily, we’ve compiled this handy list of the essential childcare supplies for you and the best places to find them in Melbourne.

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·Chemicals and Solutions – 

Little kids can be pretty gross! From snotty noses to bathroom accidents to spilled food and splattered paint, you will spend much time cleaning up after them. Sanitizing is especially important at the moment (given the pandemic); surfaces, door handles, sinks, toys, and all contact points must be disinfected regularly. Here are some of the best places in Melbourne to find all the chemicals and solutions that you’ll need:

·Cleaning Accessories – 

You can’t have cleaning products without cleaning accessories! Some essentials include brooms, mops, buckets, cloths, sponges, wet wipes, spray bottles, vacuum cleaners, and cleaning carts. Another essential thing to have (often overlooked) is appropriate signage (caution wet floor etc.). This ensures that you’re following your workplace WHS regulations. Check out these links for good-quality cleaning accessories. Office Corporate is a significant and trusted supplier of childcare centers across Australia. Join now to get the best customer service and business rewards.

·Nappies and Wipes 

Pretty self-explanatory. You’ll get through many nappies and wipes at your childcare center! Below we’ve linked some places where you can buy all sizes in bulk, as well as hypoallergenic and enviro-friendly options:

· Bathroom and Hygiene –

You can never have enough soap and sanitizer. Kids are little germ factories, and you want to stop the sickness from spreading as much as possible. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of paper towels and toilet paper – they’re non-perishable and easy to store, so buying in bulk is best. Here are some places you can order from:

· Furniture and Equipment – 

It’s essential to find “mini” furniture items; chairs, tables, cots, high chairs, cribs, and steps for the bathroom are all necessary. Shelves and storage systems help keep your center tidy and organized. Don’t forget safety equipment – first aid kits, smoke, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and blankets, and emergency evacuation plans. Check your policies and procedures to ensure you meet all your legal requirements (especially important for home daycare centers). Here are some excellent links for suitable furniture and childcare equipment:

·Toys and Books –

 Finally, you need to keep your little ones occupied! Every good care center has books, games, soft toys, puzzles, paints, craft supplies, cooperative games like blocks, and toys that encourage motor skill development. Outdoor play equipment is essential too. Check out these places for great deals on daycare toys and equipment:

With these products, you want to make your childcare center feel fun, unique, and safe. Include lots of vibrant colors and kooky designs, and always remember, safety first!

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