New Year 2021: New beauty trends will come in the new year, this will be special for skin and hair

by Jeremy

2020 is about to end, and this year we have seen a lot of ups and downs. Almost all of the year has been spent indoors due to corona. People tried many things on beauty and skincare. We also saw this year that celebs have started sharing their beauty secrets on social media. 2020 brought the mask to everyone, but many things were different this year

In 2021, we can see more new trends regarding beauty and hair care. These trends are associated with 2020 but will bring somewhat different results in 2021. So let’s talk about some changes happening in 2021 today. beauty

1. Korean Beauty Trend

Why can it go viral – In 2020, Korean products, Kdrama, and BTS bands have gained popularity in India and the world. Korean beauty trends may become even more popular in 2021. 

Demand for Korean products is gradually increasing, so Korean beauty trends are also becoming popular. While brands like Lineage, Innisfree, and FaceShop are slowly gaining their hold in the market, their products are also being liked. The most important part of the Korean skincare routine is skin cleansing, a whole 10-step routine.

An extensive range of Korean beauty products is already present, and we can see it expanding in 2021. This is why skin cleansing can be so popular. 

2. Brown Fun 

Why can it be viral- As soon as Korean beauty trends move, the movement of brown eye makeup will also increase—predominantly brown eyebrows makeup.  

Now the routine of black eyebrows and black eye makeup is decreasing slightly. Brown eyebrows and brown eyeshadows are becoming more popular. If seen, it is also somewhat linked to Korean beauty trends. Now, along with black smokey eye makeup, brown color is also being given importance. In many fashion shows, the makeup of models is done similarly. It can be said that in 2021, brown eye makeup will prove to be better.  

3. Skin Glow 

Why can it be viral – Where matte finish makeup products and skincare trends were being liked for the last one or two years, now it is changing into skin shimmer and glass skin products.  

The Glass Skin Trend gained a lot of momentum in 2020, and it can be expected that in 2021, it will become equally popular. The matte makeup trend will not go away completely, but gradually the hold of glass skin hacks and beauty products is becoming more vital in the market, and the Korean wave will likely impact skincare in this way.  

4. Color Correctors 

Why it can be viral – Although color characters and contours are already prevalent, in 2021, masks have become an essential part of our life. Color characters are used more to cover the eyes and the area around them. You can go to give a perfect look.  

Contour is good for highlighting the eyes, but it can give a great look if color correctors are used with the Maximum Coverage Foundation. Due to the mask, half of our face is covered, so the use of colored characters has started to be very high this year. The use of color characters may also increase in 2021, and these masks may become part of makeup.  

5. Color Experiments 

Why can it be viral – A report from Harpers Bazaar says that this year, in terms of fashion, one can experiment with different colors. These apply to all makeup, skin, and clothing.  

This year created a different atmosphere regarding colors; it will also be made in the coming time. A Vogue report says that designers can experiment with new and different colors on clothing. The trend of pastel colors is going a bit further, but even more experiments are being done on the color palette. 

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